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The family of Carmine Mastrocinque originates in Campania, precisely, comes from the beautiful areas of Sannio, in the village of Vitulano near Benevento. As it usually happens in every professional education and training, having spent more than a decade of apprenticeship (years 1958-70) in the best kitchens of several restaurants in the centre of Turin and thus having acquired the necessary dining experience, Carmine - at the beginning of the seventies - returns to its places of origin, and begins a business by opening his first restaurant near Camposauro, in the actual Taburno Regional Park, in a mountain resort well-known for its natural beauty: "Il Rifugio".

For his activities as a chef, Carmine gets a lot of consent among the people, and the rewards and recognitions are many, for his delicious and tasty dishes made with fresh pasta made by hand, but also for his friendliness and cordiality of Campania region, the restaurant becomes a pivotal point of the tourist area of Sannio.

At the end of the eighties, even before the fall of Communism in the Czech Republic, Carmine makes his first visits to Prague almost predicting future events that would have a little later liberated the country, carries out, in the Old Town, careful search for premises, suitable to host and bring to life his greatest desire, the creation of a restaurant with classic Italian cuisine in a truly international city.

As it happens many times, fortune rewards the enterprise, so as if by magic, after much wandering throughout the city, dormant because of torpor of dark years, here it is, in the old city, in Melantrichova 11, near the Old Town Square, a few steps from St. Wenceslas Square, a symbol on the facade of a beautiful old building, dated 1310 and rebuilt in the Baroque age in 1600, the design of "five rings", a sign of fate that gave rise between 1989/90 to an elegant restaurant, stylish and high-level, exactly "The Five Crowns" named after the five crowns placed on the main facade of the building.

Carmine works hard and makes "The Five Crowns" a landmark of Italian cuisine in Prague, with the help of his children and Italian staff. The restaurant has occupied these ancient premises for twenty years by now, in the very heart of the city and because of the traditional warm welcome, the pleasure of being in a good company and because of its typical dishes prepared with passion by Carmine personally it has become known, recognized and appreciated by many visitors.

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